Other Things That I Hate
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Oh don't even get me started about...

Godawful Hot Dogs!

I mean what the hell? Have you ever tried to cook one of "Satans Penis'" as I like to call them. Especially on a grill. If the flames from all of the grease in them doesn't kill you from second degree burns, then when one of them rolls off the grill and you bump your head on the cast iron grates the grill is made out of will defenitely put you six feet under. Ooh, was that a run on sentence? Too freaking bad! I hate them too.
Stupid ass "Idiots Guide To" books!

I mean really people. Do we really need to be teaching the smithering dolts of our society how to do anything more than sit and twiddle their thumbs? I mean look at the picture of one of those books to the left. Kama sutra! That is the absolute last thing these people need to know. They have already burnt down houses and shot themselves do they really need to be reproducing? Come on! They should be confined to the zoo where we can study them in cages so that we can learn about them and systematically exterminate them the instant they come out of their mothers womb...Or something of that nature, I guess.

Is there anything that I forgot?

Why me you say?

Because, I guess. I don't really know you but I am assuming that you are an out of work dumbass who thinks he knows everything and is probably scratching his ass right now! You are taking up precious air that should be reserved for people who don't have time to sit and search for dumb websites all day. Go ahead and cry about it. I hate people who cry too! You can't win.